The DVSA Enhanced Rider Sheme is the logical next step to improving your skills after having passed your bike test, or reassuring yourself that your riding is up to par.

It's run by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, and is a mid-level advanced qualification. It's a great step into advanced motorcycling, and  is a recognised qualification in its own right (check with your insurers though, they are all different).

All ERS trainers are accredited by the DVSA, and have to demonstrate that they maintain the highest standards of training. We achieved an A grade standards check in November 2018.


Take a choice of a day's course or shorter sessions over a period of time. We offer a guaranteed pass for the ERS (if for some reason you don't pass your assessment, we'll continue with your training free of charge until you do).

Check out this video.            For more info, see the Gov.uk website.


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