Got a full bike licence? (Cat A or A2)...then read on 

Recently passed your cat A or A2 test and realising that this motorcycling lark is fun, but hazardous?


Or maybe you've been riding for years and are thinking that it's time to get recognition for your hard-earned experience?


Maybe it's time to talk to us.


This advanced motorcycling lark isn't rocket science, anyone can do it with a bit of guidance. We're on a mission to make it as accessible as possible. While we pride ourselves on our professionalism, that doesn't mean that take ourselves too seriously - there's no point in doing this type of training if you don't have some laughs on the way!

Everyone's different, so everyone gets training which is tailored to their needs. Kind of obvious when you think about it, isn't it?

So what are your options? Click away to see more...



        Informal training
DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme​
DIAMOND Advanced Test